Checks and Balances

Term Limits for Congress

It has been said that "power tends to corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Today in congress we have people who have held high positions for multiple decades, away from those who they represent.

I propose a twelve year term limit for Congress. Twelve years would allow any senator to sit two terms, the same term limit set by the Consitution for the President. Members of the house will be allowed eight years in office, or four terms. If one wishes, they could serve three terms in the House and one in the Senate. They may do so as long as they do not exceed the twelve year limit. In addition, no member of Congress would be allowed to run for a separate office while occupying their current seat. If a member of congress wishes to run for a seat in which they do not currently occupy, then they would be required to either relinquish their seat or wait for the term to expire prior to their declaration of candidacy.

Congressional Retirement

Any taxes and regulations imposed by the Government on the people shall also impact those who represent the citizens.

Congress shall be paid Per Diem basis. Members will only be paid when their body House/Senate is in session and they are present during that session. If they aren't doing their job, they don't get compensation. In instance of Social Security and Medicare taxes, members of congress shall pay as if they were independent contractors. Any secondary retirement plan shall also be paid for with personal funds, not with funds collected from the taxpayers. As their salary comes from the pockets of the taxpayers any system good enough for the American Citizen should be good enough for those who represent them.

Congressional Health Care

Fairness in Healthcare

Congressional healthcare is to be provided by Veteran Affairs or through private insurance policies. Active and retired congress members will receive no healthcare subsidies not offered to the public or be treated different than any service member of equal activity by the V.A..


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